Security Truck Service, LLC has galvanized a position as one of the premier transporters for anhydrous ammonia in the Gulf Coast region over the past 15 years.

The demand for professional and reliable transportation services for anhydrous ammonia has grown during the Nitrous Oxide abatement programs that require ammonia to achieve emissions reductions, and Security Trucking has delivered.

Security Truck Service is one of the main providers for transportation services to farmers and agricultural co-ops all over Texas, and we market ammonia at a delivered price through our sister company, Winston Limited.

Security Truck Service is a full service provider for anhydrous ammonia transportation services.



Maintenance plays an integral part of the
business model at Security Truck Service.

An extensive in-house maintenance program for its company fleet keeps all equipment mechanically sound and ready to service its customers. In addition to its company fleet, Security Truck Service is a Fleet Care Center open to the public for heavy duty equipment repairs, including 24 hour road service. The Baytown terminal also provides commercial DOT inspections as well as Federal HM183 tanker inspections.


We provides a wide range of
chemical tankers to service the
Gulf Coast chemical industry.

Tankers types vary from standard insulated MC407 units to more specialized MC412 tanks for the acid market. 8400 gallon aluminum tankers are utilized to haul methanol and other solvents to its customers. Security’s long standing relationship with business affiliate, L&B Transport, gives it access to a network of trailers unmatched by any other company in the Gulf Coast.

6700 West Bay Road, Baytown, Texas, 77523 • Telephone: 281-383•-2224 Fax: 281-383-2081